Welcome to our family farm

Our story

It started in 2013 with a plot of dry dirt. Now that land has transformed into an orchard with 500 olive trees. We’ve created a farm filled with fruit trees, a vegetable garden, chickens, ducks, birds... and it just keeps growing. We are proud to say we farm organically, even if that means losing some of our crop to "pests". We don't believe in the use of harmful chemicals, and try to keep our farm as close to mother nature as possible. We hope you can taste our values in our pure extra virgin olive oil!

Why ZY?

Owners Kamer and Ilhan immigrated to the US from Turkey. Olive oil in Turkish is “Zeytin Yağı”. Olive oil originated from the region where Turkey now is hundreds of years ago. It is used generously in Turkish and other Mediterranean cuisines.

Going back to our roots

Our goal is to make the highest quality olive oil as possible. And that starts with the soil.

We do not use any chemicals which reduces yield, but it is better for our bodies.

We hand-pick the olives to preserve the trees.

The olives are cold-expeller pressed at a local facility within 48 hours of picking.

The result is the finest single-sourced, extra-virgin olive oil in California. Don't just take our word for it.

We are a member of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) who have the highest standards for olive oil. After undergoing molecular and sensory analyses, our 2022 harvest oil was certified as Extra-Virgin by the COOC.



Extra-virgin myths and truths

Nowadays anyone can claim almost anything without providing scientific evidence. Most of the "extra-virgin" olive oil that you can find in the grocery store is actually watered down or mixed oil.

According to the California Olive Oil Council which has the highest standards for olive oil in the country, extra virgin olive oil must be single-sourced and produced by methods that do not add water or other substances.

If the correct methods are followed, real extra-virgin olive oil contains chemical compounds that have been shown in multiple scientific studies to improve health. They are known as polyphenols - fatty acids that have free radical combatting abilities.

These antioxidant compounds are preserved by keeping away from light, heat, and oxygen. It is best to consume your olive oil within 2-3 months of opening and store in a cool, dry place. Also, you get the most benefits if you do not use EVOO for cooking.


health benefits
health benefits